News of: 10.11.2023, at 22:09:37 hrs

Arrival in South Africa

After the change of the injection pump in Mayotte, our Yanmar engine works well again and we have safely arrived in South Africa.


News of: 09.10.2023, at 14:23:30 hrs

Stranded in Mayotte

In our initial attempt to sail from Mayotte to South Africa, we had covered only 80 nautical miles when our reliable engine, Yanmar San, suddenly failed us. Despite attempting all the usual revival measures, including changing filters and checking all systems, we couldn't resolve the issue. With heavy hearts, we turned back and sailed to return to Mayotte.

Upon a thorough investigation, we discovered that the root cause of our problem is a malfunctioning fuel injection pump. Fixing this issue is not a simple task and will require some time. SuAn is moored at a buoy in front of the Dzaoudzi Yacht Club, and we must acknowledge that, for now, we find ourselves stranded.


News of: 02.08.2023, at 02:20:22 hrs

Next destination: South Africa

We have pondered for a long time about which route to take on our way back to Europe: the shorter path through the Red Sea or the longer route around the Cape of Good Hope, involving three additional ocean crossings. Ultimately, we have opted for the longer journey via South Africa. Along the way, while crossing the Indian Ocean to South Africa, we will visit the islands of Cocos Keeling, Mauritius, and Réunion.

The reasons for our decision lie, firstly, in the uncertain security situation in the Red Sea and along that route. Secondly, South Africa is, of course, a tourist destination that we much prefer over the often overcrowded tourist spots in the Mediterranean.


News of: 23.03.2023, at 23:59:30 hrs

Campaign Goal Achieved

With the generous help of our readers, we have today achieved campaign goal of raising the necessary funds to obtain a new drone. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this success and look forward to providing our readers with fantastic aerial footage.

The DJI Mini 2 drone was ordered today.


News of: 23.12.2022, at 07:19:43 hrs

Visit in Germany

The Christmas season is a very good opportunity to travel back to Germany in order to see our parents and our children, and also our good friends.


News of: 15.04.2022, at 07:00:00 hrs

Opening of the sea borders

Here in the South Pacific, countries are gradually opening their maritime borders. These include Fiji, Australia, New Caledonia and Indonesia. New Zealand has also announced that it will reopen its borders. Our involuntary stay in New Zealand, which has now lasted more than two years, will soon come to an end.


News of: 05.04.2022, at 21:14:13 hrs

Second New Zealnd circumnavigation completed

After 5 months and 3000 nautical miles we have completed our second circumnavigation of New Zealand. It was a great experience and we are deeply impressed by the beauty of the nature, especially in Steward Island and Fiordland.


News of: 15.01.2022, at 09:17:04 hrs

Start of a crowdfunding campaign for new drone

Our reader Heinz from Cologne called in a guestbook entry (only in German) for a crowdfunding campaign to finance a new drone: "Dear reader of this webpage: It would be a pity if we could not see any more of those phantastic arial images, taken from a drone. Let's start a crowdfunding campain to enable our friends to impress us with more exiting images from the birds perspective. I am making the first step and donate Euro 50.00. We wish you all a very good time. The tree fans from Cologne Renate, Philip Manuel and Heinz."


News of: 08.09.2021, at 07:10:28 hrs

Back to almost normal

New Zealand returns back to “live”, meaning lockdown is over. But there are still alert levels with precautions to prevent the high infectious Delta variant of the Corona virus to spread again. Only Auckland remains a bit longer in lockdown.


News of: 18.08.2021, at 06:00:00 hrs

Lockdown No.2

The Delta variant of the Corona Virus has reached New Zealand. Besides all strict measures at the boarder to prevent any virus spreading to the community one person got it and has spread it already to some close friends and co-workers. The government of NZ reacts fast and has issued the level 4 alert from today, which means lockdown for at least 3 days nation wide, more in the affected areas Auckland and Coromandel.