Yacht Destiny


Guemes Island, Washington

HAPPY NEW YEAR to our dear friends! We couldn't be happier that you are in a beautiful and safe area, away from the virus, to bring in the New Year! We love your Sewart Island adventures and happy you have met some new friends on your hike to enjoy the wonderful hospitality of New Zealanders. We will think of you tonight as we lift our glass of wine to you and your New Years Eve. Looking forward to your next call...what a special gift to hear from you!! Sending our love and wishes for a happy, healthy, safe, adventurous, and fun NY 2022!! Lots of love, JoAnne and Michael


Merry Christmas

Knut & Britta Boettcher

Weddingstedt, Germany

Dear Gaby and Lutz, we wish you a Merry Christmas! We still enjoy following your trip with great interest. As you do not have a real Christmas Tree there than here a virtual one with decoration: A XXO XOXXX XoXXXoX XoXXXoXXo xxxxxxxxxxx x x All the best from North Germany Britta & Knut


Glad to hear your both safe

Tony and Hayley Cameron

Houhora NZ

Hi guy's thanks for the phone call, we hope you have a lovely night together on land for a change. Stay safe, look forward to catching up with you in March/April. Love to you both.


Weihnachten 2021

Dr. Heinz Schmitz-Maibauer


Hallo Ihr Lieben, bleibt noch weiter in der Zeitkapsel der Zweisamkeit. Hier draußen ist es gar nicht lustig ! Wir drei Kölner sind gesund und dreifach geimpft und wünschen Euch ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest und ein gesundes 2022. Renata, Philip Manuel, Heinz


Cruising=working on your yacht in exotic places... :-)

Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island Washington

Wow! You have been busy and making good use of your time! Although we know you would rather be sailing the work you are doing is beautiful. We miss you and hope to have catch up soon! Lotsa Love, Michael and JoAnne


sailing what else

Matt Schulz

Van Nuys

Just wanted to send you greetings and though of Love. Hoping to see you when you come back around. TO LA



Gary Lai

Richmond BC Canada,

Hi, Gaby and Lutz, How are you? I hope that you are all fine. Is it time for you to sail across the pacific to North America again. Hope to see you again soon, Regards, Gary


Happy birthday Lutz

Maren & Fred


Hallo Lutz, nachträglich ganz herzliche Geburtstagsgrüße und weiterhin beste Gesundheit für euch beide.Einen großen Drücker von uns aus Schweden. Wir waren einige Tage in D. und gerade wieder zurück.


Happy Birthday!

Bert Frisch


... lieber Lutz, alles Gute für Dein neues Lebensjahr. Es ist so spannend, Euer Logbuch zu lesen. Lass Dir Deinen Geburtstag nicht durch den Lockdown vermiesen. Herzliche Grüße aus Norwegen von Marlene & Bert & HEIMKEHR


catching up

Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island Washington USA

Dear Lutz and Gabi, We love getting your updates and hope to have a chance to speak soon. We miss you! MnJ





Moin, gruesst Ortwin bitte von uns. Er kann sich bestimmt erinnern an Momo und seinen alten Nissan



Michael and JoAnne

Guemes Island

Congratulations on rounding Cape Reinga... and at 9 knots speed! Hurray for the completion of your circumnavigation!! Look forward to speaking with you on Skype sometime soon. Your adventures are amazing. Miss you!!


Paperwork etc

La BuenaVida

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Hi Guys, love your entry re Polizeiliches Führungszeugnis aus Deutschland Viel Erfolg! H&M



Marlene & Bert


Liebe Gabi, gaaanz herzliche Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag schicken wir Dir um die halbe Welt. Bleib gesund und fröhlich und passt gut auf Euch auf! Fair winds aus Oberndorf!


Happy birthday Gabi

B&B Björkhyddan


Happy birthday Gabi Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag Gabi Maren & Fred


Happy B day

Jill and Brent


Happy birthday Gabi, I hope today brings you adventure and joy. Sending a big hug from Seattle.



Michael and JoAnne

Guemes Island

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABI! It was so wonderful to speak with you yesterday and to know you are in a beautiful and safe area to celebrate your special day... and to be treated to dinner out at a restaurant so you do not have to cook. Enjoy the beauty of the Marlborough Sound and have fun celebrating YOU today!! Lots of love XOXOXO



Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island

We are sorry that we missed your call and the opportunity to wish you a Happy Birthday! We were riding our bikes on the island at the time. Steve and Mary are in Anacortes and just today closed the deal on the purchase of a condominium! We are so happy the Gray family is will all soon be in Anacortes, Seattle and close by Bellingham! We hope not to miss you if you call again. Lots of Love, Michael and JoAnne




La Paz, Mexico

Hi Gabi and Lutz, I just got caught up on all your adventures sailing SuAn. We just finished our 4th season of sailing Mexico, time for a new chapter! Cayuse will be loaded on a container ship next week and we will pick her up in the San Juan Islands mid-March. We’re excited to be back in the PNW again. I hope we cross paths again. Fairs winds friends, Jill and Brent


Thinking of you

Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island Washington

Dear Lutz and Gabi, We are hopeful that there will an opportunity to talk with you via Skype sometime soon and before Gabi's birthday We miss you! Your web site posts are, as always, wonderful and you two are the most amazing voyagers we have ever known! Hugs, Michael and JoAnne