Mayotte - Richards Bay
21.10.2023 - 10.11.2023

Mozambique Channel

Before this 1,200 nautical mile leg, we have a great deal of respect. It takes us through the infamous Mozambique Channel.

This waterway along the East African coast is considered by many ocean sailors as the most technically challenging part of their circumnavigation. Several factors contribute to this perception:

1. Narrow Waterway and Strong Currents: The Mozambique Channel is a relatively narrow water passage between Madagascar and the African mainland. Here, strong tidal currents and unpredictable water movements are common.

2. Variable Weather Conditions: The region experiences a wide range of weather conditions, from total calm to storms. Conditions where strong winds blow against the current are particularly dangerous.

3. Navigational Challenges: The Mozambique Channel contains numerous navigational hazards, such as submerged reefs and shoals, and charts are not always up to date, adding to the complexity of navigation.