Entry Date: 15.09.2020, at 11:09:43 hrs (local)

Whangarei - Whangarei

SuAn in Tutukaka


PRID: 11996
LegID: 325
LegNo: 73
Latitude: S035°36.99'
Longitude: E174°32.10'
Day#: 961
Log (Leg): 368 nm
Log (Total): 51563 nm
SuAn anchors in the Tutukaka Bay, just east of Phillips Island. This little uninhabited island give additional protection against the westerly winds.

We take on our hiking boots and explore the area. At low tide it is possible to take a beautiful walk along the shore of the rocky bay, which is diversified by sandy bays with some private homes. The right shoes help to step over the plenty of oysters, which are growing on the rocks.