Entry Date: 25.01.2022, at 09:00:00 hrs (local)

Paterson Inlet - Stewart Island - Stewart Island

Preparations for Fiordland


PRID: 12371
LegID: 334
LegNo: 81
Latitude: S046°53.83'
Longitude: E168°07.86'
Day#: 1153
Log (Day): 1 nm
Log (Leg): 203 nm
Log (Total): 57044 nm
The last few days we have spent in Halfmoon Bay, just in front of Oban. Here we prepare our next journey to the Fiordland and wait for the right wind, which should bring us safely through the infamous Foveaux Strait and around the stormy south western Point Puysegur.

We have one more time mobile coverage and use up our last prepaid mobile data before we go offline again. At the jetty we fill water in SuAn´s belly and top up our fresh food, which must last for about two month before we have shopping opportunities again.