Entry Date: 04.05.2018, at 13:15:30 hrs (local)

Hiva Oa, Atuona - Ua Pou

La Classe Croute


PRID: 11492
LegID: 309
LegNo: 58
Latitude: S009°21.52'
Longitude: W140°02.85'
Day#: 741
Log (Leg): 452 nm
Log (Total): 43053 nm
Mawemai,”La Classe Croute”, is the name of a small restaurant on the campus of the school here in Hakahau. Some of the students are becoming trained for the hotel and restaurant business. Under the supervision of two engaged French teachers, the students are running this restaurant by themselves. Today is a very special day for the students: It is the final examination. The students are cooking, preparing and serving a French cuisine style three course menu.

It can be imagined that the seats for such an event are very limited. We are lucky and got the last two available seats.

In the school court a little area is set up with tables, beautifully topped with colorful table clothes and flower bouquets. Some of the students wear Polynesian style dresses and have flowers in their hair to become a waitress.

Our waitress Judith has the extra challenge to serve to non French speaking foreigners. We order some drinks and eat the specialty of today: Mango-Guava Cocktail, freshly baked bread, salad with spring rolls for starter, fish with crab sauce and rice as main dish, mousse au chocolat with Mango cream as desert and coffee. Each dish is nicely decorated and tastes delicious.

We enjoyed this special lunch very much. All the students did an incredible great job. We are sure that they have passed their examinations easily. Now the students can apply for jobs in the tourism industry on the islands. They are well prepared.