Entry Date: 18.03.2024, at 14:30:00 hrs (local)

Walvis Bay, Namibia - Cabedelo, Brazil



PRID: 12957
LegID: 353
LegNo: 98
Latitude: S007°24.39'
Longitude: W033°38.88'
Day#: 1499
Course: 280 °
Speed: 4 kn
Etmal: 113 nm
Log (Day): 108 nm
Log (Leg): 3133 nm
Log (Total): 78732 nm
Days sailing: 11
Covered distance: 1175 nautical miles
Distance to destination: 77 nautical miles
Weather: 10-15kn SE wind, 1.5m waves, sunny with clouds and squalls, 32 degree Celsius
Mood of the crew: OK

As we are approaching the equator the wind becomes increasingly lighter. Additionally we are experiencing squalls more frequently and in bigger size. A squall is characterized by isolated cumulus and cumulonimbus cloud with heavy rein. Squalls moving in more or less western directions and typically arrive with a blast of strong wind (25-30kn, or more).

Luckily squalls are very well visible in radar. During daytime, but most importantly during the night we are tracking the squalls with radar. In a situation when we have to assume that a squall will hit us, we are reefing the sails down and closing all the hatches, just to be safe.