Entry Date: 17.03.2024, at 15:30:00 hrs (local)

Walvis Bay, Namibia - Cabedelo, Brazil

Outrageous Behavior


PRID: 12956
LegID: 353
LegNo: 98
Latitude: S008°05.00'
Longitude: W031°59.00'
Day#: 1498
Course: 280 °
Speed: 5 kn
Etmal: 100 nm
Log (Day): 108 nm
Log (Leg): 3025 nm
Log (Total): 78624 nm
Days sailing: 10
Covered distance: 1067 nautical miles
Distance to destination: 185 nautical miles
Weather: 10-15kn SE wind, 1.5m waves, sunny with clouds, 32 degree Celsius
Mood of the crew: outraged

Gabi received loving birthday greetings from various corners of the world, except for our friends, the fish, who neither wished her happy birthday nor accepted our generous invitation to dinner. Such behavior borders on rudeness, doesn´t it? Gabi had already looked forward so much to sharing a delicious meal with a representative of the fish family at our joint dinner: the fish on the plate and us with good appetite on both sides of the table.

No, as we finally pulled in the two fishing lines that we had been trawling all day, we found no fish. We could not believe it!

We decided that the fish must be punished for their mean ignorance. Such behavior cannot simply be tolerated. One must draw a line when it comes to such disrespectful acts. So, we collectively determined the punishment: until our next successful fishing, we will abstain from eating fish as a penalty for their misbehavior, and yesterday´s birthday dinner consisted of meat. This will teach the fishes a lesson!