Entry Date: 16.03.2018, at 16:00:00 hrs (local)

Puerto Vallarta - Marquesas Islands



PRID: 11451
LegID: 308
LegNo: 57
Latitude: S009°48.19'
Longitude: W139°01.88'
Day#: 721
Log (Day): 17 nm
Log (Leg): 2790 nm
Log (Total): 42601 nm
Days sailing: 24
Covered distance: 2774 nautical miles
Distance to the Marquesas: 0 nautical miles
Weather: 12 knots wind from East, few clouds, lots of sun
Mood of the crew: happy

After 24 days on the ocean we anchor in the afternoon in the bay of Fahauku in the South of Hiva Oa island. This also closes our loop through the Pacific Ocean. We believe this is an excellent reason for a cool beer - Prost.