Entry Date: 16.03.2018, at 09:42:28 hrs (local)

Puerto Vallarta - Marquesas Islands

Island for Birthday


PRID: 11450
LegID: 308
LegNo: 57
Latitude: S009°46.28'
Longitude: W138°46.37'
Day#: 721
Log (Day): 156 nm
Log (Leg): 2773 nm
Log (Total): 42584 nm
Days sailing: 24
Covered distance: 2757 nautical miles
Distance to the Marquesas: 17 nautical miles
Weather: 12 knots wind from East, few clouds, lots of sun
Mood of the crew: exited

After 24 days on the ocean and exactly at Gabi´s birthday it happens. At 8:30 a.m. the island of Hiva Oa is appearing ahead of us. It is quite emotional for Gabi, since she is on watch and the first one to identify the contours of the island between the morning clouds. Even the air seems to smell differently.

Quite fast the island becomes bigger. Harsh steep rocky mountains along the eastern shore makes it impossible for landfall. We have another few miles until we will reach the safe anchorage in the Baie Tahauku.