Entry Date: 13.04.2018, at 10:01:34 hrs (local)

Hiva Oa, Atuona - Ua Pou

Island tour on Hiva Oa


PRID: 11477
LegID: 309
LegNo: 58
Latitude: S009°48.47'
Longitude: W139°01.94'
Day#: 732
Log (Day): 12 nm
Log (Leg): 210 nm
Log (Total): 42811 nm
We are back on Hiva Oa, the most commercial of the southern Marquesa islands. Together with Regina and Guenther we hire a car and explore the island.

There is no ring road along the steep shore, only three return roads to the villages at the north shore to Atuona. We choose the 42 km road to the northeastern bay Puamau. A bit more than half of the distance it is a narrow dirt road climbing the steep mountains of the island. Again and again we get out of the car to enjoy the beautiful view of the green mountains of Hiva Oa and the two islands Tahuata and Mohotani south of Hiva Oa, or we see the silhouettes of island Fatu Huku in a distance towards North. Up to 700 meters does the road take us over the mountains.