Entry Date: 09.04.2018, at 13:11:52 hrs (local)

Hiva Oa, Atuona - Ua Pou

Outrigger canoe


PRID: 11474
LegID: 309
LegNo: 58
Latitude: S009°56.20'
Longitude: W139°06.69'
Day#: 730
Log (Leg): 198 nm
Log (Total): 42799 nm
Outrigger canoes are the traditional vehicle for the islanders in the South Pacific to move around and for fishing. Bigger canoes were used to populate the islands from West towards East.

Here in French Polynesia Vaitahu and Hapatoni are the first places we see those traditional wooden canoes. They are used as dinghies to shuttle between shore and mooring buoy, where a powered little boat is tied to.

In Hiva Oa and other bays we have seen the outrigger canoes from carbon fibers and they are made for racing.