Entry Date: 19.10.2023, at 18:00:00 hrs (local)

Dzaoudzi, Mayotte - Dzaoudzi, Mayotte

Reanimation of Yanmar San


PRID: 12839
LegID: 348
LegNo: 94
Latitude: S012°46.74'
Longitude: E045°15.84'
Day#: 1434
Log (Leg): 222 nm
Log (Total): 72496 nm
The moment of truth has arrived: today, we are carrying out the re-animation of Yanmar San.

Lutz meticulously checks every assembly step, using the service manual as a reference. Together with Jeff and Bert, they carefully consider whether there might still be an issue anywhere. Tension is palpable, and we dare not imagine the consequences if Yanmar San doesn´t start, even with the new injection pump.

Lutz primes the engine and ensures that diesel is actually reaching the injection pump. Then comes a crucial test: He disconnects the high-pressure lines from the injectors. With the previous faulty injection pump, no diesel reached this point. Gabi engages the starter. An extremely encouraging sign: Diesel is now coming out of all 4 injectors. After Lutz tightens the nuts again, it´s finally time:

Gabi activates the starter, and Yanmar San comes back to life! Hooray!