Entry Date: 01.03.2023, at 16:00:00 hrs (local)

Langkawi - Langkawi

Ko Liang Tai


PRID: 12641
LegID: 341
LegNo: 88
Latitude: N007°06.78'
Longitude: E099°25.82'
Day#: 1301
Log (Day): 34 nm
Log (Leg): 58 nm
Log (Total): 64915 nm
The wind was not exactly favorable to us and Yanmar San had to work additionally to the sails. We had to change our planned destination and anchor at the east shore of Ko Liang Tai.

A sandy beach in front of the vertical wall is frequently visited by small fishing/tourist boats, where a cave at the bottom of the cliff gets all the attention.

Later we recognize, that the beach is home to many fishermen. They have very humble huts hidden in the trees behind the beach and come here for the night.