Entry Date: 02.04.2022, at 08:30:00 hrs (local)

Milford Sound - Whangarei

Weekend in Whangarei Harbour


PRID: 12434
LegID: 336
LegNo: 83
Latitude: S035°47.82'
Longitude: E174°27.20'
Day#: 1190
Log (Day): 11 nm
Log (Leg): 839 nm
Log (Total): 58444 nm
After one day at anchor in Parua Bay we continue today the last few miles through Whangarei Harbour up the Hatea River and to Town Basin Marina in Whangarei.

It is still early and the clouds are hanging low in front of the Whangarei Heads over the calm big bay. Lots of sport fishermen are out in the bay to catch some fish on that beautiful Saturday morning.

By the way, if you start already to worry, if your boat or sails are infected by Ideonella Sakaiensis bacteria, than we got you on Fools-day.