Entry Date: 18.06.2024, at 14:00:00 hrs (local)

Road Town, BVI - St. Georges, Bermuda

Bermudas - land excursion


PRID: 13040
LegID: 357
LegNo: 102
Latitude: N032°22.83'
Longitude: W064°40.40'
Day#: 1551
Log (Leg): 853 nm
Log (Total): 82345 nm
The Bermuda island chain is approximately 22 kilometers long in total. It stretches from east to west and includes several larger and smaller islands and islets.

The main island group consists of Bermuda (also known as Main Island or Great Bermuda), St. George´s Island, Somerset Island, and Ireland Island. Approximately 63,900 people live here.
The islands of Bermuda are mainly composed of limestone formed by the accumulation of corals and other marine organisms. This limestone forms the basis of the islands´ structure and is characteristic of their geological composition. Town Hill on St. David´s Island, at about 79 meters above sea level, is the highest point in the 53.3 square kilometers (20.6 square miles) of land area. The coastline is predominantly limestone and reefs, interspersed with occasional sandy beaches.

We explore the main islands on foot and by bus, visit Hamilton, the capital city of the Bermudas, the Royal Naval Dockyard at the south-western end of the island chain and the cute little town St. George. Several beaches between the otherwise rocky shoreline invite for a swim.