Entry Date: 17.03.2018, at 13:00:00 hrs (local)

Hiva Oa, Atuona - Ua Pou

Clearing in


PRID: 11453
LegID: 309
LegNo: 58
Latitude: S009°48.19'
Longitude: W139°01.88'
Day#: 721
Log (Total): 42601 nm
In order to officially clear in to French Polynesia, we ride our bikes to go to the nearby town of Atuona. There we proceed to the Gendarmerie station. We are lucky, that they do our paperwork even on a Saturday morning. The police officer is super friendly and the whole process last not even 15 minutes. After the documents are done we have to send that paper to the officials in Papeete by mail. Unfortunately this has to wait until Monday since the Post Office is closed on weekends.