Entry Date: 20.09.2023, at 08:00:00 hrs (local)

Dzaoudzi, Mayotte - Dzaoudzi, Mayotte

Getting Water


PRID: 12818
LegID: 348
LegNo: 94
Latitude: S012°46.75'
Longitude: E045°15.84'
Day#: 1429
Log (Total): 72274 nm
West of the island Ile Petite Terre, in the lagoon of Mayotte, many yachts are moored. Most of them are French Yachts, passing through like us, or stay here for a couple of years with the crews living on board.

At the shore of Dzaoudzi a neat little yacht club is the center of all the sailors. It has a sailing school, a club house with bar, showers, washing machines and a little shipyard. In the morning, at high tide we dock SuAn for half an hour at the wall at high tide in order to take water. It has to be planned carefully, because of tidal differences of more than 3m, there is no water under the keel at low tide. Additionally water is rare on Mayotte. It is almost the end of the dry season and the water is very limited, so are the schedules to get water at all.

Also we are aware of the dry weather, the brownish looking plants and a lot of dust everywhere. Even on our passage from Cocos Keeling we had only two or three short showers of rain. So our rain catcher currently does not help us to collect water.