Entry Date: 21.10.2023, at 18:00:00 hrs (local)

Mayotte - Richards Bay



PRID: 12840
LegID: 350
LegNo: 95
Latitude: S012°50.30'
Longitude: E045°14.01'
Day#: 1436
Log (Day): 5 nm
Log (Leg): 5 nm
Log (Total): 72501 nm
It´s time for the challenging stage of our journey to South Africa. The weather window looks promising, with northern winds expected for the next few days starting tomorrow. After officially clearing immigration at the airport, we conducted an extensive round of shopping. Then, we depart from our mooring in Dzaoudzi and motor to another mooring situated right at the passage connecting the lagoon to the open sea. Here we spend our final night in the Mayotte lagoon.