Entry Date: 04.12.2023, at 15:39:26 hrs (local)

Richards Bay - Cape Town

Point Yacht Club in Durban


PRID: 12878
LegID: 351
LegNo: 96
Latitude: S029°51.87'
Longitude: E031°01.52'
Day#: 1452
Log (Leg): 94 nm
Log (Total): 74015 nm
As mentioned earlier, the members of the Point Yacht Club in Durban have warmly embraced us, international cruisers. They have arranged a Braai (BBQ), a presentation by Kirsten Neuschäfer about her Golden Globe Race, a burger night, and extended invitations to join their sailing races.

In addition, we were kindly invited for a city tour and lunch by Eugene, received a visit from our weather guide Des, and had our jib repaired. Once again, we are impressed by the hospitality and welcoming attitude of the South African sailors.

Today, Vince presents us with the club pennant of Point Yacht Club, and later, we reciprocate by giving him our Trans Ocean Club pennant.