Entry Date: 11.11.2023, at 07:30:00 hrs (local)

Richards Bay - Cape Town

Welcoming Committee


PRID: 12862
LegID: 351
LegNo: 96
Latitude: S028°47.60'
Longitude: E032°04.70'
Day#: 1450
Log (Total): 73921 nm
SuAn is still docked at the wall, the clearance dock, and will stay here a couple of days. The marina of the yacht club is welcoming the World ARC fleet this week and for this reason there are no berth available anymore. So we have to stay at the customs dock. Anyway, here we are well protected from the storms and have a couple of restaurants around us.

It doesn´t take long and we are visited by a South African welcoming committee: a horde of Vervet monkeys is visiting the boats and hunt for food.