Entry Date: 28.02.2023, at 08:30:00 hrs (local)

Langkawi - Langkawi

Bye bye Langkawi!


PRID: 12638
LegID: 341
LegNo: 88
Latitude: N006°27.13'
Longitude: E099°51.85'
Day#: 1301
Log (Day): 2 nm
Log (Leg): 2 nm
Log (Total): 64859 nm
Just after sunrise we set sails and leave the beautiful Kilim Geoforest Park in the northeastern area of Langkawi. Together with the Australian SY Watusi II we soon reach Thai waters.

The first possible clearance port for yachts, coming from Malaysia, is in Phuket, which lies about 130 nm as the crow flies to the NW. But since the weather at that season is rather calm, not much wind for sailing and the sea is full with fishing activities, Thai authorities allow sailing yachts 7 days sailing time before checking in. That is very kind, since no-one wants to sail at night through that fishing net congested waters. There are more than 30 islands on the way and much more possible anchorages, to stay for the night or wait for the right wind.