Entry Date: 01.11.2022, at 18:30:00 hrs (local)

Puteri Harbour - Johor - Langkawi

* Puteri Harbour Marina


PRID: 12600
LegID: 340
LegNo: 87
Latitude: N001°25.07'
Longitude: E103°39.47'
Day#: 1287
Log (Total): 64415 nm
SuAn has officially arrived in Malaysia on 1. November. The marina is the agent for clearing in. Just beside the marina an international ferry harbour between Indonesia and Malaysia has all the boarder control officers and there we get our passports stamped. The whole process takes about half an hour.

Coming from Indonesia into Puteri Harbour seems like arriving in a different world. There are lots of skyscrapers and restaurants along the pier at the marina. The One 15 Puteri Harbour Marina has berths for about 80 boats and is very modern. All the restaurants invite with a great variety of Malay, Indien, Chinese and International cuisine for a very reasonable price.

There are lots of things to explore and Singapore is just less then 2 hours by public transportation away.