Entry Date: 20.07.2024, at 07:00:00 hrs (local)

Horta - Porta Delgada

Adeus Sao Jorge


PRID: 13064
LegID: 359
LegNo: 104
Latitude: N038°31.37'
Longitude: W027°49.83'
Day#: 1609
Log (Day): 20 nm
Log (Leg): 43 nm
Log (Total): 84307 nm
The high pressure system, which is very stationary over the Azores keep the wind away. Today it might be just enough to sail to the neighbor island Terceira.

In the early morning we leave our anchorage in front of Velas and set sails. A bit later the first sun beams illuminate the sky golden behind the hills of Sao Jorge.