News of: 12.12.2015, at 17:57:51 hrs

Video setting mast

Our sailing friend Ichiro Ushiba and Norio Kyoda created and uploaded this video about the setting of the new rig on SuAn. Thank you very much.


News of: 08.12.2015, at 13:41:36 hrs

Test sailing


It is already six months since our collision with the fishing boat. SuAn is a sailing yacht again with new rig and new sails.  We have assembled the new rig and hired a mobile crane to install the new mast to SuAn. This was the most important step to prepare SuAn for the next leg to Alaska.
The following test sailing was very successful.


News of: 28.05.2015, at 15:12:10 hrs



On May 27 on our last leg in Japanese waters towards Hokkaido we have been rammed by a fishing vessel at night. Seeing SuAn without rig and a deformed hull breaks our hearts. Luckily no-one was insured and the strong aluminum hull did not break.

Now we are under investigation by the Japanese Coast Guard, repair opportunities are analyzed, quotations requested, a new rig needs to be ordered. This will take several weeks and months before SuAn will become a sailing yacht again.

For this season we are stranded in Japan. Our plan, sailing to Alaska this year, is canceled.


News of: 05.05.2015, at 09:20:02 hrs

Baby SuAn's first cruise

Baby SuAn

Baby SuAn's first cruise starts on the man made lake "Pöhl". Lutz's dad carefully launches her from the beach. Then he takes the helm via a remote control devise.


News of: 30.12.2014, at 23:40:45 hrs



Sorry, we have realized that we uploaded the wrong image in the Position Report "Weather Routing".  Now the image is replaced with the right one.

This link leads directly to the corrected Position Report.


News of: 30.08.2014, at 08:51:35 hrs

Baby SuAn is grown up

SuAn Baby

It is accomplished! The model of SuAn in the scale 1:25 is completed. Even small details are attached, such us the wind turbine, the outboard engine and the solar panels. The model is radio controlled and fully functional.

The crew of the mother SuAn says on this way thank you to Lutz’s father and appreciates this beautiful masterpiece.


News of: 17.04.2014, at 08:53:33 hrs

SuAn is back in the water!


After two years and two months SuAn is lifted back in to the water. Steve and his team from the Scarborough Marina take SuAn out of her working box in to the water and maneuver her in to a marina berth.


News of: 17.02.2014, at 19:23:38 hrs

Baby-SuAn got sails

SuAn Baby

The casual observer might not notice that he image does not show our SuAn on the hard in Austalia. This is the Baby-SuAn in the ratio 1:25, in Papa’s Appartment in Chemnitz, Germany.

She got already a mast and sails and some of the accessories. There is not much more missing until our Baby-SuAn can go on some voyages on her on.


News of: 28.11.2013, at 11:43:44 hrs

SuAn-Baby is developing nicely

SuAn Baby

The proud father, Papa Karl, presents the fast developing SuAn-Baby. Even though some details are still missing, the typically lines of the hull of the mother SuAn can be easily recognized.

The SuAn-Baby will be fully functional. For this reason rudder, remote control receiver, sheet winch and motor are already integrated in to the hull.

The crew of the mother SuAn hardly can wait to see the little SuAn to sail on her own.


News of: 19.09.2013, at 17:03:53 hrs

SuAn is getting a baby

SuAn Baby 

It is hardly believable, but SuAn is getting a baby. The usual question about “Who is the father?” is quickly answered: It is Lutz’s papa Karl.  With great engineering skills and a professional approach did he clone SuAn’s genes in the scale 1:25. Meanwhile the shape of little SuAn with its typical twin kiel is clearly recognizable.

Mother -SuAn’s crew is very exited about the growing family.