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Hi, Lutz and Gaby, It looks that you are doing well on your trip. To morrow, I will go back to Guangzhou and back to Victoria again before Christmas. Have a happy sailing and see you soon, Gary



Matt Schulz TO_Stuetzpunkt LA

Marina Del Rey, Ca

What a super time we had here exchanging life stories and expertise One of nicest people you wand to meet Fair winds always Matt


Welcome to Marina Del Rey!

Matt Schulz

Marina Del Rey, California

Lutz & Gabi, Welcome to Marina Del Rey! What an incredible journey you've been on. Happy to cross paths and share memories. - Matt,



JoAnne and Michael Gray

Guemes Island, WA

Congratulations on your safe arrival to San Francisco!! Time to open your bottle of champagne to celebrate.


Zero wind + 10 foot seas = Misery

Jim Coggan


Hi Lutz y Gabi Consider course direct to wind? ~ 260 ?





HiU2, Was war denn jetzt mit der Maschine? Raucht sie noch? Blau , schwarz oder weiß? Gruß, Momo-Uwe



Gary Lai


Gaby and Lutz, It is my first time visiting your website. It is impressive. I was very happy that we had such a good time together in Victoria.Have a safe onward jouney. I will start log in your site to see what you are doing. Cheers, Gary in Victoria


Visiting Victoria

Bob Pierce


I will be visiting Victoria on Wednesday noon to Thursday afternoon. I can stop by the marina at the Empress Hotel around 2PM Wednesday.


Thank you!

Henry Choong


It was a great pleasure to have met you both and to have you at the Royal BC Museum. I hope you enjoyed Victoria! All the best on the rest of your voyage, Henry



Bob Pierce


buoy yes there is ferry to Anacortes and another 3 miles away to Guemes by taxi service, i will be in the area from aug 20th to sept 1st and in Victoria part of that time. let me know your timing and call or text 360-383-7018 if that is easier, fair winds, Bob On August 10, 2017 4:18:05 PM wrote:



S/y Liv


Hi! Have seen that your are around. Just know we're anchored outside Nanaimo. Our plane are countinu down along the west coast of US in about 2 weeks if we get a good window fenster What about you? Fair winds and hopefully we pop into each other again.⛵️


Schön daß es euch so gut geht.

Angela und Joerg


Hallo Ihr Beiden, Eure Eintragungen lesen sich sehr spannend. Wir denken oft an euch. Schön dass es euch wieder so gut geht. Liebe Grüße vom anderen Ende der Welt von alten Freunden.


Hallo liebe Eltern



Hallo wie gehts (es) Euch? Oma hatte einen Blitzeinschlag in der Nähe daher ist sie nicht in der Lage zurück zu schreiben. aber ich kann es ^^ Lieben Gruß Euer Tom Ps: Mir geht es gut wie immer :)


Do you have cell phone coverage?

Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island

Your pictures are beautiful and congratulation on the salmon! Can we email you on your single side band address or is it best to just correspond here on your website? We are so excited to see you!! Do you have cell coverage yet so we can call you? Please let us know your phone number as soon as you get it. Hugs xoxoxo


Solar Eclipse

Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island

Hi Gabi in lutes, sorry about the high gale winds causing you to hide out in protected bays, but it sure is beautiful there Steve and Mary invited us ALL to Idaho to see the solar eclipse on August 21. When they last talk to you they thought you might be possibly able to make it by then? We would need to leave Guemes on August 19th, Please give us a call or email as soon as you get cell coverage so we can discuss. Hugs, MnJ


mooring Orcas

Bob Pierce


Nice to meet you last week in Ketchikan. I am uncertain when I will be at Orcas. When you get closer we can work out details for using my mooring if you are interested.



JoAnne and Michael Gray

Guemes Island, WA

Congratulations on the raising of a new Quarantine Flag. That means you are getting closer to us and that we get to see you soon. We are so excited, but meanwhile, enjoy Canada! We will try to call you tonight, hoping you have Internet coverage. Steve and Mary have come up with a very nice invitation for us all to come to Idaho to see the Solar Eclipse, a rare lifetime opportunity if you think you would be in the area by then. We will try to call you but feel free to call us when you are available. Lots of love!! JnM



Matt & Carol Schulz

Los Angelas, CA USA

Cant wait sea'ing you in LA Alles Gute



ernst turnwald


Ihr schaut,s richtig gut aus auf der alten Lokomotive. Als Kind habe ich mir immer gewünscht einmal ein Lokomotivführer zu werden. Gruesse Ernst


Nord oder Deep sourh

Marlene und Bert

In See

Moin, wussten gar nicht das Alaska so weit im Süden liegt, wir sind mit Heimkehr auf 65 Grad und haben also noch 100 Meilen bis zum Polarkreis. Beste Grüße und fairwinds