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basische Ernährung



Hallo Lutz, seit deinem Vortrag am 4.11.16 in Burg bin ich sehr neugierig auf Dein bzw. euer Abenteuer. Ich beneide euch, aber nur um die schönen und bequemen Momente, und wünsche euch, das ihr auch nur solche haben werdet. Allerdings lebt jeder Vortrag vom Abenteuer, na ja... Ich beobachte und bewundere euch :-) Alles Gute! Gerd


Eure neue Segelsaiyon

Frank und Dörte Segelyacht Elan

Whitsundays, Australien

Hallo Ihr Lieben, die Fotos sind beeindruckend. Das wäre für uns Weicheier aber doch viel zu kalt. Bedenkt bitte, dass ich (Frank) ein viertel Mexikaner bin. Ganz liebe Grüße und eine weitere tolle Reise Eure Elaner





Wonderful scenery but much too cold for us ..... regards Ernst


Best Wishes



Dear Gabi, dear Lutz, as during your past cruises, we will couriously follow your adventures via this exciting channel. Waltraud and i wish you Good Luck for the coming cruise.



Michael and JoAnne Gray

Opua, Bay of Islands NZ (until June 10th)

So good to see you are now aboard and both the two of you and SuAn are in your element! We have a second meeting with a prospective buyer for "Destiny" in 3 days. We are hopefull that a deal will come together before we leave. We arrive Guemes Island on June 10th. Love, Michael and JoAnne



Tom Pestel


Hallo liebe Eltern Ich wünsche euch und dem Rest der Familie ein sinnliches und schönes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr. Liebe Grüße euer Tom


Cool Video of Mast Stepping

Michael and JoAnne Gray

Gray's Guemes Island Beach Resort :-)

What was the video editing application your friend used?


Sorry we missed your call

Michael and JoAnne

Guemes Island Washington USA

We were in Seattle the past two days for routine Dr. appointments and meeting friends that we haven't seen for some months. Hugs, MnJ


Welcome Back Home

Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island Washington USA

We are happy to hear that you had a good trip back home to Germany. We hope that you have caught up on your rest and we look forward to talking to you soon. Lots of love! I


Great Pictures

Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island

What a wonderful journey and nature experience that you are enjoying! We love the pictures and appreciate the efforts you have gone to in order to get such spectacular pictures, especially with Lutz single handling the boat while Gabi braves the cold water in the dinghy. The last picture of SuAn in front of the glaciers is amazingly beautiful! Have Fun!! Looking forward to talking with you when you arrive to Seward. xoxoxo, JnM


Thinking of You

JoAnne and Michael Gray

Guemes Island

Happy you made it safely across to the Kenai Penisila. The scenery is beautiful!! We are guessing you will probably spend a good week or so in the area before getting to Seward? Thinking of you and wishing you safe sailing and anchorages! Lots of love!!



JoAnne and Michael

Guemes Island, Washington

Hi Gabi and Lutz, We are so happy you are finally in Alaska and enjoying the beauty of this area. We are thrilled you have been able to see so much of the sea life and wild life as you have so far...the sea lions, the whales, the fish, the bears (from afar) and the symbol of our Country, the American Eagle. Fabulous! It is wonderful that you have met Steve. He has thoroughly enjoyed your company! And Mary is as fun and as hospitably as Steve!! We look forward to talking with you when you are next in cell phone range. Lots of love xoxoxo


Encounter with Submarine

Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island Washington

What a scary situation to encounter a submarine in the dark and in a narrow channel! Glad you took a good picture...most interesting. Your batteries and insulation are in Kodiak. We will let you know when they are at Steve and Mary's. Lotsa Love! MnJ


Happy To Hear of Some Good Weather

Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island

Hi Gabi & Lutz, Loved seeing the picture of the dolphins and to hear of your better weather with some downwind sailing. Lots of love, JnM



Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island

We are so happy to hear of your safe arrival to Alaska. Enjoy the beauty of the Aleutian Islands and stay warm. Lots of love being sent your way!!


Welcome to Alaska

Richard Ragle

Attu Island, Alaska

It was great to talk to you and hear of your adventure yesterday. I hope you enjoyed the tour we provided instead of the anticipated t-shirt from the museum. Enjoy the rest of your trip up the Aleutian Chain. Richard


Bye Bye Aunty Erna - Yay!

JoAnne & Michael Gray

Guemes Island Washington USA

Hi Lutz & Gabi, we think of you constantly and we are so happy to hear that Aunty Erna has passed by and is bringing you winds from the south west so that you can be wing on wing - Yeah!! Maybe you need to celebrate Aunty Erna's passing with another grog :-). We sent you an update to your email also as how we can help you get the batteries to Dutch Harbor (or Kodiak if preferred). We will continue to research the best price and options for you. Much love!!





Dear Lutz and Gabi , I tried to upload to your Dropbox link several times, but cannot uploaded. So I send you my public-Dropbox link to your mail address. And I respectfully hoist UW flag for your nest leg.


Fair Winds & We will check site daily

Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island

Love you two!



Toyoo Sekine of HalloMaru


I say congraturations for you to arrived at Kusiro safely. I have still photo and movie when you leaving Yokohama. I wont to send these data to you. How can I send these to you? T.Sekine HALLOMARU