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Shower at sea


La Cruz, Mexico

Hey SuAn, You guys are making good time. Conditions look enjoyable. Nothing like a good shower on deck! Great picture by the way. Take care and enjoy the adventure. Jill and Brent


Big Ocean and Big Company (at a safe distance)

Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island Washington

So good to know that you are sailing in ideal conditions and "relieved" after boisterous conditions and a safe encounter with a "big-fella" Lots of Love Dear Friends!



Heinz, Renata, Philip Manuel


Seid froh, dass ihr genug Wind für die Vorwärtsbewegung habt und Yanmar San Ruhe hat. Bei uns im heiligen Köln droht ein komplettes Dieselverbot: Auch wir werden wieder Segel setzen müssen! Spannende Überfahrt diesmal, wir sind dauernd bei Euch. Gute Fahrt Renata, Philip Manuel, Heinz


gute Fahrt

Ralf und Tina


Hallo ihr Lieben, wir wünschen Euch eine weiterhin gute Überfahrt, kommt sicher an. Alles Gute für Eure Reise Ralf und Tina


Great Job!

Jan and KC Stromgren (SV Anna)


Hi! We love keeping track of you and your crossing. You are doing great! So glad the seas have calmed down and the sun is shining! You are under 2000 miles now! Nuku Hiva here you come! Hope to find you over there! Jan and KC


From Jill and Brent


La Cruz, Mexico

Hi SuAn, good news the winds and seas are moderating. What a ride you guys are having. Less then 2000 miles to FP. We are sending our best wishes. We miss you!


Fair Winds

Jilly & Dan (SV Dazzler)

La Cruz, Mexico

Hope this message finds you both enjoying a fabulous crossing with no issues. We are looking forward to meeting up with you again in French Poly. We hope to be headed your way in the next two to three weeks. Just waiting on our weather window now. See you there!


thinking of you

Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island Washington

Hopefully with jib alone you were able to keep the boat speed below the critical point (7 knots?) that SuAn gets unruly! We had a similar starting few days (20 gusting to 25, but thankfully not 30) as well. We tore the clew out of our reduced 1.5 oz spinnaker about an hour before we had decided it was too much to keep it up into the night. Made for a much nicer evening.... also, the last time we used a spinnaker on that passage. Looking forward to your next update!


From Mexico


Banderas Bay, Mexico

Hi SuAn, You are making great progress. Not champagne sailing by any means , robust and from the north! Many of our friends are leaving in the next couple days. Keep your eyes out for SV Manatee. Thank you for the updates!? We miss you in Mexico.


Following you!

Michael and JoAnne Gray

Indian Village Guemes Island Washington

Thanks so much for the position posts and updates dear friends! Was snorkeling good at the Socoros? Hope the wind picks up and you get a large gentle swell from the stern quarter to push you comfortable toward the Marquesas. Looking forward to hearing about bright starlit nights and phosphorescent trails of SuAn's twin keels and rudder....




La Cruz

Hi SuAn, Looking GOOD. Let’s us know about the anchoring in the Socorro’s. Have you seen Buddy the HUGE Manta Ray yet?


Socorro Island


La Cruz Mexico

Hi Gabi and Lutz, You made it to the Socorro Island. It’s on my wish list. Check out those Manta Rays! Sounds like you had some wonderful sailing conditions arriving from Punta de Mita. Enjoy the adventure.... Jill and Brent


Following your progress and adventure

JoAnne and Michael Gray

Guemes Island Washington

So wonderful and emotional to see you underway! The transit from Mexico to the Marquesas was the most delightful of all our Ocean Passages and still a vivid memory! Love you two!


Following You!

Cindy from Cool Change

Nuevo Vallarta

We will be right behind you, leaving in a couple of weeks. Fair winds and following seas! I can’t wait to watch your progress. Please post to let us know how it goes.


your presentation


La Cruz

thanks Lutz and Gabi, that was one of the most inspiring presentations I have had the pleasure to be part of. I look forward seeing you again in French Polynesia later. have a safe journey .. und immer ne handbreit Wasser unterm Kiel. Oder in eurem Fall, unter den Kielen ;-).


Eure Erlebnisse



Hallo, Ihr Lieben! Es macht uns sehr viel Freude, Euch auf Eurer Reise zu folgen! Danke für die Berichte! Ihr seid die letzten unserer Segelfreunde, die noch wirklich unterwegs sind. Hier in Phuket dachten wir, unsere Venus zu treffen. Hat aber nicht geklappt. Dafür Ex-Segler, die jetzt hier wohnen. Übermorgen fliegen wir nach Hause, hier waren wir nur 5 Tage. Hat uns gereicht! Oh, wie schön war Hua Hin, Ortsteil Khao Takiab dagegenLiebe Grüße, Gisela und Uwe




Havana Cuba

Hi, Jutz and Gabi, Hope that you have had a wonderful time with your family in Germany. Hope to meet you again in 2018. Daniel was in Tampa for the Golf Tournaments from Dec 27 to 30. We flew over to Havana after the golf game. We will go back to Victoria on January 07.Happy sailings in 2018 and good health, Gary


Einfach mal so



Hallo Ihr Beiden, ich wünsche euch ein tolles gesundes neues Jahr. Möge Eure weitere Reise gelingen. Handbreit, Jochen


einfach so

soni u. werner


hallo ihr beiden, grüsse aus De. nach 10 jahren sind wir wieder an land und erinnern uns an unsere gemeinsame zeit in Scarborough.



fritz schattauer

am freitag hatte ich einen guten treff mit deinem 85-jährigem karl!viele grüße an euch!fritz