Entry Date: 20.02.2021, at 18:45:00 hrs (local)

Kaikoura - Nelson

Light Wind


PRID: 12154
LegID: 327
LegNo: 75
Latitude: S040°25.83'
Longitude: E172°42.36'
Day#: 1032
Log (Day): 110 nm
Log (Leg): 1292 nm
Log (Total): 54005 nm
Today, on our forth day on passage, we have mainly light wind and lots of sunshine. We use this opportunity to set our spinnaker. The route takes us around Farewell Spit, the most northern tip of South Island and we set course to the Tonga Roadstead Bay in Able Tasman National Park. At 18:45 hrs we drop the anchor. Arrived.