Entry Date: 18.11.2020, at 15:00:00 hrs (local)

Whangarei - Christchurch

Anchoring a the Haupara Pointnty


PRID: 12052
LegID: 326
LegNo: 74
Latitude: S037°35.91'
Longitude: E178°19.87'
Day#: 989
Log (Day): 59 nm
Log (Leg): 242 nm
Log (Total): 52243 nm
After 175 nm on sea we reach in the afternoon the wide Hicks Bay OE of the Bay of Plenty. We feel good to be real cruisers again, not just doing short day trips. Wind between 10 and over 30 knots from western directions kept us busy with reefing our sails in and out.

Still in the huge bay the wind continues blowing and SuAn is rolling in the ocean swell. Mountains of 300 to 700 Meters should spend shelter to southern wind directions.