Entry Date: 20.10.2009, at 17:09:33 hrs (UTC)

Gibraltar - Algeciras

Our goods have arrived


PRID: 9605
LegID: 189
LegNo: 3
Latitude: N036°07.10'
Longitude: W005°26.35'
Log (Leg): 10 nm
Log (Total): 1771 nm
One day later then expected our personnel goods from Germany have arrived. Yesterday we have cleared our boat. We have checked every corner, every box of our ship to find space for our things, which we have bought over the last few years in Germany and China. There was still something left from the previous owner, what we think, we might not need and have to get rid of it. Today at the late afternoon finally our 35 boxes have arrived. It is unbelievable, what we stored in our boat. Among the things are: fishing equipment, LED lamps, torches, diving equipment, sleeping bags, Crocks, winter boots, warm clothing, 5 Pelican cases, 2 foldable bicycles, underwater photo equipment, books, a BBQ grill, which Lutz has designed in China, some canned food, plastic boxes…. We only don’t know where to store all those things!!! We sort, clear, store and through away, what we don’t need or have more then once. In the evening it starts to rain – thunder storm! Most of our boxes are inside the boat, but still the diving equipment, bicycles, BBQ grill, are outside and getting wet. Tomorrow we have to continue to sort and pack away, because inside of the boat it is a real mass. Every thing has to be fixed, other wise, each wave will play ball with it.