Entry Date: 19.07.2018, at 17:00:00 hrs (local)

Tahanea - Tahiti

High in the mountains


PRID: 11555
LegID: 311
LegNo: 60
Latitude: S017°34.56'
Longitude: W149°37.21'
Day#: 765
Log (Leg): 444 nm
Log (Total): 44161 nm
In the Internet we have found a map with a hiking trail, which leads up in to the mountains to a view point and starts in close proximity of our anchoring position.

After the breakfast we start our hike. The narrow path leads us on top of a mountain ridge, through low growing vegetation. Here and there grows a single Pine tree. Almost all the time we are enjoying a fantastic, undisturbed view across the ocean, all the way to the island of Moorea.

At noon, we almost reach our destination, there is a Polynesian lady coming our way. She seems to be a little angry. She tells us that we should not be here and that we have to turn around immediately. Too bad. This is something we would have not expected.

When we are back to our vessel in the afternoon, we feel a little exhausted. We walked about 11 miles and have been up to an elevation of 2835 feet.