Entry Date: 16.03.2020, at 13:00:36 hrs (local)

Whangarei - Whangarei

Airborne Gabi


PRID: 11896
LegID: 324
LegNo: 72
Latitude: S035°50.17'
Longitude: E174°24.00'
Day#: 934
Log (Total): 51195 nm
At the airfield, here in Whangarei, there is a flight club that offers trial flights. We have seen the small air planes many times and were always a bit jealous.

This gives Lutz an idea about a present for Gabi´s upcoming birthday. During the best weather we pay a visit to the Whangarei Flight Club.

In the flight club, a number of pilots, instructors and flight students are meeting for a BBQ and a short time later we are also holding a delicious hamburger in our hands. We quickly get into conversation and describe our concerns. Less than half an hour goes by and Gabi climbs into a sleek, two-seated Tecnam P92 Eaglet with Neil, the pilot. The airplane takes off just a short time later.

First of all, she is absolutely thrilled by the breathtaking view from this perspective, which is completely unusual for us. Then she can take over the airplane and control it herself. That´s fantastic! Communication with the pilot takes place via an audio set.

The flight takes them over hilly landscape, the meandering mouth of the Hatea River, to the east coast, where the mighty Pacific waves with white foam crowns break on sandy beaches or crash into the rocky cliffs. The coast here is beautiful with the numerous small or larger bays.
Of course they also fly over Whangarei with the Town Basin Marina and the large industrial areas that line the small town. From SuAn she takes an aerial photo standing a little lonely next to the shipyard building on dry land.

After an ample hour, the Tecnam P92 Eaglet lands gently on runway. Gabi is absolutely thrilled.

It was definitely a birthday present that she will remember for a long time.