Entry Date: 12.06.2019, at 16:00:00 hrs (local)

Vuda Marina - Lautoka



PRID: 11752
LegID: 318
LegNo: 66
Latitude: S016°58.05'
Longitude: E178°47.23'
Day#: 846
Log (Day): 15 nm
Log (Leg): 297 nm
Log (Total): 48724 nm
It is only 17 nautical miles to the next bay. There is no wind and so Yanmar San has to push.

On the shore of the Nadi bay, where we anchor, together with the sailing yacht Dazzler, lies the village Nasavu. Soon after we set ashore with the dinghy, we begin our search for the village elders in order to conduct the in Fiji usual Sevusevu ceremony. We kindly ask for permission to anchor outside the village, visit the village and take pictures - no problem.

Afterwards we are shown through the village. From everywhere we are greeted joyfully with BULA, often the inhabitants come to us to shake hands. Also, this village has no road and no cars, but a school with 160 students, some of which are brought from the neighboring villages. On the grounds of the school we spend some time with the teachers and the kindergarten teacher. We learn that the children are taught here up to the 8th grade, and then about 10% of the students attend higher schools in the larger towns of Fiji.

On the way back we are accompanied by a group of children and adults back to the beach where our dinghy anchors. When we departure they wave us for a long time.

Also this small village with the 250 people living here inspires us again. The friendliness and hospitality of the people have touched us deeply again.