Entry Date: 10.07.2019, at 09:47:32 hrs (local)

Vuda Marina - Denerau Marina

Via Lautoka towards North


PRID: 11776
LegID: 319
LegNo: 67
Latitude: S017°33.40'
Longitude: E177°27.75'
Day#: 904
Log (Day): 14 nm
Log (Leg): 21 nm
Log (Total): 49202 nm
Before we sail to the Yasawa Island Group we get some more fresch meat, fruits and vegetables from the market in Lautoka. It is getting a bit late that day and we stay there over night at anchor.

Unfortunately the wind direction has changed and this morning SuAn´s deck was full with black ash from the sugar factory. After washing all the black particles off the deck Lutz has to scrub our anchor chain inch by inch. That ash has also accumulated over the century on the bottom of the bay and now sticks very well to the anchor and its chain.

Anyway, two hours later we are finally ready to move. Captain Tom takes the helm to navigate SuAn safely between the reefs to our next anchorage in the north of Viti Levu.