Entry Date: 27.11.2019, at 15:33:39 hrs (local)

Vuda Marina, Fiji - Whangarei, New Zealand



PRID: 11832
LegID: 321
LegNo: 69
Latitude: S035°50.27'
Longitude: E174°24.00'
Day#: 934
Log (Leg): 1195 nm
Log (Total): 51195 nm
Our American friends Dan and Jilly from SV Dazzler are docked in Whangarei and have invited us and Bernd from SV Rebell to their traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

It is amazing, how such a big feast can be prepared on a small sailing boat: starters with dips, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, cheese balls, beans, gravy, stuffing, and for dessert: cake and rum balls. All is self cooked and we feel privileged to be their guests. We five of us have a wonderful day on Dazzler with lots of fun very good food and life music played by our hosts.