Entry Date: 25.10.2009, at 10:30:00 hrs (local)

Algeciras - Las Palmas

Off Casablanca


PRID: 9607
LegID: 190
LegNo: 4
Latitude: N033°25.93'
Longitude: W009°15.95'
Day#: 27
Course: 225 °
Speed: 5 kn
Etmal: 128 nm
Log (Day): 230 nm
Log (Leg): 243 nm
Log (Total): 2014 nm
The last day was just nice: We are going downwind with 3 to 4 Beauford. It is easy sailing so far. During daytime we have a cloudless blue sky and during the night we have a breathtaking sky with millions of stars and lots of falling stars. Like a mirror of the sky also the sea is glowing with every wave our ship is causing. Behind us is a trail of glowing water.

Only the drifting fishing nets, which are brought out more the 100 nm of the Moroccan coast, are a constant source of high adrenalin level in our bodies. We really hate those nets, because they are badly illuminated at night and hard to spot.

This morning we found a squid on deck (Photo). Obviously it was washed on deck by a big wave. This indicates that we are moving towards the tropics.