Entry Date: 30.11.2020, at 15:23:52 hrs (local)

Whangarei - Christchurch



PRID: 12061
LegID: 326
LegNo: 74
Latitude: S039°28.99'
Longitude: E176°53.44'
Day#: 992
Log (Leg): 381 nm
Log (Total): 52382 nm
Lots of Art Deco-styled buildings have made Napier an iconic visitor destination. It seems to us that each building is unique, if it is a stylish Art-Deco town house or a villa up in the residential areas on Bluff Hill. Napier and surroundings is home to many fine wineries, restaurants, bars and cafes. A pretty city center with lots of boutique shops invite for visiting or taking a rest in one of the little street cafes.

A long beach promenade at the eastern shore continues around Bluff hill to the north shore and the historic fishing village of Ahuriri. Ahuriri has changed to a cultural magnet with lots of cafes, bars, restaurants, galleries and boutique stores too. Old warehouses have changed to pubs and restaurants.

Napier and Hawke Bay is definitely worth a visit. We love it here.