Entry Date: 19.07.2021, at 14:00:00 hrs (local)

Whangarei - Whangarei

Coromandel ahead


PRID: 12244
LegID: 331
LegNo: 79
Latitude: S036°49.16'
Longitude: E175°24.77'
Day#: 1095
Log (Day): 13 nm
Log (Leg): 276 nm
Log (Total): 55386 nm
Coromandel Peninsula is the eastern boarder of Hauraki Golf. The Peninsula reaches out to the North for about 80 km and has a width from up to 25 km.

The wind is right and pushes SuAn under sails towards East. The motion of SuAn in the waves reminds about crossing Oceans. Just before we reach our anchorage the beauty of the peninsula is even topped by a complete rain bow. We are happy to come here by boat and will explore that part of New Zealand as well.