Entry Date: 13.05.2021, at 08:00:00 hrs (local)

Cook Strait - Mana - Whangarei

SuAn in the slings


PRID: 12213
LegID: 330
LegNo: 78
Latitude: S035°45.41'
Longitude: E174°20.88'
Day#: 1074
Log (Day): 4 nm
Log (Leg): 693 nm
Log (Total): 55110 nm
f yachts want to stay in a marina in New Zealand, it is required that the under water hull is more or less clean. So therefore rules apply to have a boat pressure washed not longer than a month before entering a marina or renewed the antifouling not longer than 6 months before. There are marine pests growing on the hulls, which could easily spread to other boats and under water structures close by, if stayed long in one place.

Half a year has passed since our last haul out and now SuAn gets a new SPA treatment in Port Whangarei. Still hanging in the slings of the travel lift her bottom is cleaned carefully with pressurized water. Lutz will use sand paper to give her a peeling and than applies new protection coats with Vivid antifouling paint. Now SuAn is prepared again to withstand most of the little creatures in the water who are looking for a new home.