Entry Date: 08.11.2023, at 10:00:00 hrs (local)

Mayotte - Richards Bay

Shelter from strong southerly wind


PRID: 12859
LegID: 350
LegNo: 95
Latitude: S025°57.03'
Longitude: E032°57.61'
Day#: 148
Log (Day): 14 nm
Log (Leg): 1228 nm
Log (Total): 73724 nm
Days sailing: 13
Covered distance: 1223 nautical miles
Distance to destination: 197 nautical mile
Weather: 30-35kn S wind, 1.5 m waves, dark clouds, rain, 26 degree Celsius
Mood of the crew: tense

In the early afternoon we leave our temporary anchorage in order to find one with better protection from southerly wind and waves. At 16:30 hrs we finally drop the anchor off the light house in the North of Inhaca island. It is not a convenient place since it is very rolly. Anyway we are not here for convenience, but for safety.

Later, one by one, seven lager fishing vessels are anchoring in our proximity. Obviously even those big ships need to hide from what is coming.

Strange shaped, dark clouds are covering the sky. The wind has died almost completely. We are checking and securing everything on deck and start the anchor alarm.

At 19:45 hrs it hits us. From one moment to the next the wind howls with 30kn, just a few moments later the instruments show 35kn and more. The spray from the waves and the rain are reducing the visibility and SuAn is pulling wildly at the 80m chain. It seems we have chosen our anchorage quite well and since we have already experienced much more wind on anchorage, we are feeling quite save.
Only in the second half of the night, the wind is reducing its force and we could find some sleep.