Entry Date: 10.04.2021, at 12:00:00 hrs (local)

Cook Strait - Mana - Whangarei

SuAn docked in Mana Marina


PRID: 12189
LegID: 330
LegNo: 78
Latitude: S041°06.08'
Longitude: E174°52.07'
Day#: 1055
Log (Total): 54417 nm
Since a few days SuAn is safely tied to the dock of Mana Marina. Mana is a small town in the suburbs west of Wellington in the very South of New Zealand´s North Island.
Here we enjoy the comfort of a welcoming marina with land power, clean sanitary facilities, and supermarket and restaurants just in walking distance.

Several times per hour a Metlink train connects this part with Wellington. It takes only 10 minutes to reach the station on foot. Therefore Mana is a perfect base station to visit New Zealand´s capital Wellington.