Entry Date: 19.03.2024, at 12:25:07 hrs (local)

Cabedelo - Cabedelo

Arrival in Brazil


PRID: 12958
LegID: 354
LegNo: 99
Latitude: S007°02.15'
Longitude: W034°51.34'
Day#: 1500
Log (Day): 85 nm
Log (Leg): 85 nm
Log (Total): 78817 nm
Days sailing: 12
Covered distance: 1260 nautical miles
Distance to destination: null nautical miles
Weather: 10-15kn SE wind, 1.5m waves, sunny with clouds and squalls, 32 degree Celsius
Mood of the crew: happy

During pitch black night we navigate the entrance to the Jacare river near Cabedelo. Since this is also a commercial shipping channel it has illuminated makers in place and navigation in dankness is quite easy. We anchor in close proximity to the port and wait for daylight and the incoming tide. After a nap we continue up river and around 9 am we dock in the Jacare Village Marina. After one of the most pleasant ocean crossing we have arrived safely and without any incident in Brazil.