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Palmerston and Nuie

Michael and JoAnne Gray


Hello Dear Friends, we are so happy to hear that your experience at Palmerston was wonderful and memorable. And now excited for you to enjoy Nuie. Your photo of hoisting the dinghy brought back lots of great memories. We hope we can talk with you when Jill and Brent are here next Sat Sept 22.


A small world


Palmerston Island

what a surprise to find you are the SuAn people i met in 2014 when i joined Harold's "Tagtraumer". I remember how Lutz shared his charts with us. Your charts and explanation on how you made them was fantastic. Listening to you made me realise just how much electronic navigation had changed since i was fishing in the eighties. Your visit to our boat was very memorable to me for all the new things i learned. Who would have thought then that we would meet again on this very far away island in the middle of the Pacific. Great to catch up and hear of your travels since then. Happy travels guys! Sherrin


Nicht so schnell

Rebellen Birgit und Bernd

Bora Bora

Ihr Lieben, während wir uns feige in der Apooiti- Marina verkrochen haben (Außenborder - Reparatur und Riss im Geräteträger schweißen ) habt Ihr Euch mutig auf den Weg gemacht.Respekt.Wenn alles klappt, folgen wir Euch am Montag. Für Lutz nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag und bis bald.


Happy Birthday Lutz

Jilly & Dan

American Samoa

We have net here for a bit so we’ve been catching up on your travels. Looks like all has been good with th exception of Gabi’s brush with death. So very glad to hear all worked out okay. Hope this finds you feeling much better. Happy Birthday to Lutz. Wish we’d have been around to celebrate with you. We hit Suwarrow on our way here to Am. Samoa. Been stuck here waiting on water maker parts. Will leave for Niue on Wednesday then on to Tonga. Sure hope to meet up with you again there. Fair winds dear friends!


Happy Birthday!

Marlene + Bert


Nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag, lieber Lutz! Was für ein schöner Platz, um wieder ein Jahr älter zu werden. Bleib gesund und fröhlich. Danke für die coole Karte. Auch unser Briefträger war begeistert! Fair winds - passt auf Euch auf (besonders vor fallenden Steinen!!!) Alles wieder gut, liebe Gabi? Herzlichst Marlene und Bert SY Heimkehr


Mount Pahia

Michael and JoAnne Gray


We are so thankful that Gabi was not seriously hurt by the rock. Mount Pahia was amazing, hard work (especially the last scramble), we think the rope is new since we did it in 2002. We will try to call you the weekend of the 22nd when J & B are here.


A big hello


Banderas Bay

Hi G and L, I just caught up on your log! What a scary experience with the falling rock on Gabi. Really good news nothing is broken, but I’m sure it takes some time to heal from the impact. What a scare... Safe passage to you both and SuAn. We are down in PV giving Cayuse some needed TLC. It’s HOT! Take care you two.


7.000.000 Besucher

Dr. Heinz Schmitz-Maibauer


Hallo Ihr Drei, Ihr steht kurz vor dem 7 millionsten Besucher!! Glüchwünsche dazu aus Köln Die drei Kölner Renata, Philip Manuel, Heinz



Michael and JoAnne Gray


We tried to call you on the eve of your birthday. Unfortunately we did not get through on Skype or your Sim Card. We are thinking of you and wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a nice birthday gift to have your son with you! We miss you!! Love, JnM



Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island Washington

Wishing you a wonderful day Dear Friend(s)


Happy you are all together!

Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island Washington

Hi Lutz, Gabi and Steve, How wonderful that Steve is visiting and you get to experience the wonders of your cruising together! The most spectacular (and difficult) hike we have done is Mount Pahia in Bora Bora! You will need good footwear to be safe...the last 100 meters is a scramble to get to the top. It is worth it! Love, MnJ


Hi from Seattle



Hi Gabi and Lutz, It’s been awhile since I checked on you two. Your pictures are just beautiful. Looks like all is well aboard SuAn. Sending you a big hello from Seattle. Adios por ahora amigos.


Missing You

Jilly & Dan

Bora Bora

We spent two days in Huahine after leaving Moorea and arrived in Bora Bora yesterday. We certainly do miss your company. It is our great hope that we shall meet again in Tonga or perhaps New Zealand. Thank you so for your wonderful friendship. Much love and many wishes for safe travel are being sent your way.


You are seeing it all!

Michael Gray and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island

Dear Lutz and Gabi, the two of you never cease to amaze us with all that you do and see! We love your blog and the two of you! MnJ



Gary Lai


Hi, Gabi and Lutz, great to read about daily story in Tahiti. It is a beautiful place. Enjoy and be happy, Regards, Gary


Ankunft Tahiti

Gisela Roske


Ihr Lieben! Wir können uns gar nicht sattsehen an Euren Fotos von den Tuamotos und jetzt Tahiti! All unsere Erinnerungen steigen wieder auf und wir sind so glücklich, diesen wunderbaren Teil der Welt auch kennengelernt zu haben. So können wir Euren Blog neidlos lesen. Wir wünschen Euch weiter eine glückliche Zeit! Gisela und Uwe


Thanks for sharing photos!

Michael and JoAnne

Guemes Island Washington

Beautiful photos! Brings back lots of memories!


We may be close

KC and Jan

Nuku Hiva

Hi L & G We made it to Nuka Hiva and will be here for 10 days or so. Will you be heading this way? Sounds like your cruise is going well KC and Jan



Gisela Roske


Bevor wir zu den Tuamotus aufgebrochen sind, haben wir uns bei einem Ausflug auf Hiva Oa 30 Pampelmusen vom Baum pflücken lassen. Das war die haltbarste und leckerste Vitaminversorgung bis Tahiti! Den Ausflug haben wir zu mehreren in einem Pickup mit einer Frau als Chauffeur unternommen. Sie kannte die Leute mit dem Pampelmusenbaum und während wir über die Insel gefahren wurden, wurden die Pampelmusen gepflückt. Wir haben sie fast nicht an Bord schaffen können, so schwer wogen sie.


Love the photos and updates!

Michael and JoAnne Gray

Guemes Island Washington

So Happy for you and that you are having a wonderful time! Will send an update re our former boat "Destiny" soon....