Entry Date: 12.01.2021, at 12:27:37 hrs (local)

Kaikoura - Nelson



PRID: 12104
LegID: 327
LegNo: 75
Latitude: S047°14.59'
Longitude: E167°38.89'
Day#: 1012
Log (Day): 7 nm
Log (Leg): 547 nm
Log (Total): 53248 nm
Before we continue to sail South, we decide to hide for one night in this beautiful bay with the name Small Craft Retreat. It is located in the southeast of Steward Island. While outside on the ocean the wind is blowing with 25kt and it is predicted to increase to over 30kt, it is very calm in the bay and we are glad to be here. Tomorrow the wind is predicted to ease and then we want to sail around the South cape.