Entry Date: 11.07.2019, at 06:55:58 hrs (local)

Vuda Marina - Denerau Marina

Early Start


PRID: 11777
LegID: 319
LegNo: 67
Latitude: S017°25.15'
Longitude: E177°44.87'
Day#: 905
Log (Day): 20 nm
Log (Leg): 41 nm
Log (Total): 49222 nm
After a last night at anchor in a northern Trautana Bay of Viti Levu we have to start early today. Our destination, the northern Yasawa Island lays more than 55 nautical miles north west of us.

Just a few minutes after our anchor is secured on deck the sun rises over a band of clouds and a peninsula of Viti Levu. The ocean is still calm from the night lee and the surrounding reefs.