Entry Date: 11.06.2019, at 14:44:05 hrs (local)

Vuda Marina - Lautoka

Life in Navatu


PRID: 11751
LegID: 318
LegNo: 66
Latitude: S016°53.55'
Longitude: E179°00.90'
Day#: 846
Log (Leg): 282 nm
Log (Total): 48709 nm
After a rainy morning we visit Navatu again, this time together with Dan and Jilly from SV Dazzler.

We are welcomed by little children and a woman invites us in the community house. Chief Lapani receives us there. Meanwhile more and more kids and adults come to shake hands with us. We are the highlight of the month. The village has 27 houses, where about 160 people live, and a church, but no shop, no street, no cars, no school, no anything else.

Navatu village is built on a little island just besides Vanua Levu. Every day the kids are shipped to Vanua Levu, where a truck takes them to school. To earn a living men go fishing and women weave mats. Everyone loves to see the pictures we have taken and we are very welcome to visit the village any time again.