Entry Date: 12.12.2009, at 10:42:35 hrs (local)

Las Palmas - St. Lucia



PRID: 9642
LegID: 193
LegNo: 6
Latitude: N014°04.58'
Longitude: W060°56.95'
Day#: 51
Course: 260 °
Speed: 7 kn
Etmal: 158 nm
Log (Day): 149 nm
Log (Leg): 2660 nm
Log (Total): 5122 nm
We are in St. Lucia! We did it - we sailed across the Atlantic Ocean! Since we left Las Palmas we sailed a distance of 2742 nautical miles (5078 km). This took us 18 days and 16 hours. Our average speed was 6.1 knots (11.3 km/h).

In the Rodney Bay Marina we are welcomed with an ice cold rum punch, a fruit basked and a bottle of Champaign. We are congratulated to the successful crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and welcomed to St. Lucia. What a great welcome! Despite our 30 hours late departure we managed to overtake 22 other yachts.

After finishing the immigration and check in process we get some sleep first. The last night we didn´t get much sleep and the rum punch this morning is making our tiredness even worse.