Entry Date: 12.11.2009, at 21:44:24 hrs (UTC)

Las Palmas - Las Palmas

Preparations for the ARC


PRID: 9613
LegID: 191
LegNo: 5
Latitude: N028°07.70'
Longitude: W015°25.58'
Log (Total): 2462 nm
The time was running fast and the ARC office has opened on Monday, November 9, 2009 Meanwhile the marina is full with boats, having the ARC flag flying in the wind. The yachts on our pontoon and the neighbour pontoons are to more then 90% ARC participants. The atmosphere in the marina is changing. Our boat has gotten the starting number 150. All our safety equipment was checked by an ARC official. We have gotten the first briefing about what is going on in the 2 weeks before departure. Every crew member has to wear an ARC pass. The next 2 weeks are full with program, like lots of workshops, seminars, Happy Hours, dinner parties, sight seeing tours. We have finished seminars about weather, provisioning, rigging, emergency management and a workshop about double handed sailing. In each seminar we are learning and get a lot of useful tips, what to do in preparation and in case of emergency. More seminars will follow, such as SSB radio, skippers briefing, setting up a sextant, first aid on board, emergency power management, communication seminar and tips for sailing downwind … We will report about the activities with the next pictures and update them on and on until departure on November 22, 2009.