Entry Date: 20.11.2005, at 15:12:00 hrs (UTC)

Gran Canaria - Martinique

The first dolphins


PRID: 9490
LegID: 160
LegNo: 1
Latitude: N026°05.00'
Longitude: W015°39.80'
Day#: 2
Course: 180 °
Speed: 6 kn
Log (Day): 132 nm
Log (Leg): 159 nm
Log (Total): 159 nm
In the night, we had introduced our watch-system. Every crew member has2 hours watch and 4 hours off duty. There is the strict instruction to the crew that the skipper is supposed to be woken up immediately if there is a situation potentially dangerous or unclear. During my watch,we experience the first sunrise of our journey. I almost seem that the Atlantic wanted to say welcome to us and sent group dolphins to us. The mammals playfully accompanied us for quite some time. At moderate winds, we are steering to the south.