Entry Date: 11.11.2020, at 15:24:25 hrs (local)

Whangarei - Whangarei

Industries in Whangarei


PRID: 12044
LegID: 325
LegNo: 73
Latitude: S035°44.64'
Longitude: E174°20.98'
Day#: 982
Log (Leg): 806 nm
Log (Total): 52001 nm
Whangarei is the northern city in New Zealand with a very good economic profile. There are more than 40.000 jobs in over 10.000 business for an urban population of 54.000 people (98.000 in Whangarei District) in this area.

Along the Hatea River of course are lots of shipyards and marine engineering business including ship building, ship repair, ship storage, engine repair, metal works, electrical repairs, electronics, painters, sail makers, upholsterers, ship chandlers, several marinas … everything, what boat owners need. Lots of small businesses of every kind, merchandisers, car dealers and repair shops, hardware stores, … you name it … are located in this area.

For anyone who needs something be repaired, this is a perfect place to be.