Entry Date: 17.10.2020, at 15:46:41 hrs (local)

Whangarei - Whangarei

First bite


PRID: 12027
LegID: 325
LegNo: 73
Latitude: S034°46.87'
Longitude: E173°24.26'
Day#: 971
Log (Day): 18 nm
Log (Leg): 608 nm
Log (Total): 51803 nm
We have left Houhora Harbour today and slowly make our way south towards Whangarei again.

On anchor we often try to catch a fish but haven´ t been successful so far. Today we stop over a rocky bottom and fish for two hours. All our baits (shells or soft bait) are nibbled away, but no fish on the hook.

Continuing to our anchorage we finally have a bite on our towing line: a Blue Mackerel, our first own catch in New Zealand. In the evening it is smoking on our BBQ grill in the Maitai Bay.