Entry Date: 09.08.2020, at 16:36:22 hrs (local)

Whangarei - Whangarei

Picnic on the beach


PRID: 11965
LegID: 325
LegNo: 73
Latitude: S035°13.08'
Longitude: E174°11.64'
Day#: 947
Log (Day): 2 nm
Log (Leg): 163 nm
Log (Total): 51358 nm
Original we wanted to have our picnic on the beautiful beach on Waeaetorea Island and enjoy the sunset. But the wind was increasing and a nasty wave was building up towards our shore. So we moved on and anchored SuAn in the Waiwhapuku Bay off Moturua Island.

In the late afternoon we enjoy our picnic at the beach and the beautiful view to Motukiekie Island. The warm weather doesn´t feel like winter at all and is just perfect for our hiking tours. on them.